“Boarding enabled my son to learn to be more independent, responsible and teaches him to manage his own affairs better. He matures through the experience and gets to build strong bonds and friendship with his boarding mates. He learns to handles his day to day problems and this is a great life skill.”

- Parent of Pay Tianle, 2014 Term 1

“My son has become more outgoing and communicative after the IBP. He has also made more friends and become more independent as a result (he has to take care of laundry, etc). Save travelling time, make more friends, learn to be tolerant of others. Learn to observe rules, learn to make do with less luxuries in life (eg. TV watching, access to PC for gaming, air con), learn to exercise self-discipline."

- Parent of Marcus Wong, 2014 Term 2

“It is fabulous, I love it. IBP allows boarders to learn from each other and be more considerate of others. I liked the convenience and sense of community IBP provides."

- Reinvs Loh, 2014 Term 1

“Enriching experience, which I enjoyed immensely. A truckload of workshops and inspirational talks. Improves team-bonding, self-discipline and positive mind sets."

- James Mah, 2014 Term 1